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Posted Fri, 2022-11-04 15:41 GMT

hello everyone!

I want to ask all active players to vote for or against my idea

I propose to test their knowledge and skills in a game where everyone plays for ONE race

while everyone will be in the same conditions with one set of ships and race capabilities

while I suggest using explorer & wrap map galaxy - poor - so that you can't quickly set up a lot of flagships at the start

of the race, the pirate is the fastest in development due to gravitonics, or for example, the lizard is a very balanced race.

or justify your suggestions for choosing a race according to the schedule, I offer recruitment until 01.01.2023 and the start of the game on 02.01.2023 with the number of players that will be recruited - or by the presence of 11 players if it happens earlier

of course a wolf game without alliances

[Posting] Re: new wolf game
Posted Sat, 2022-11-05 21:55 GMT

This is apparently in connection with your earlier post (why not sticking to that thread? :lol:)

A "civil war" game with all players commanding the same race sounds like a interesting set up, however not all races are well suited for it. Privateer is probably even the least suited race since its primary weapon (rob) will not work when all opponents are cloaked. Also what could you gain if it's sucessful once in a while? Another MCBR? Apart from this it will be too much based on luck, as snouka already pointed out correctly (mine hits, Ship IDs).

My first choice would be an all Fascist game in the North Star format (no alliances, PList 3.2, 4 experience levels) but of course I will certainly stick to the majority vote :wink: