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[Posting] PCC 2.0.13
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Posted Wed, 2022-04-13 18:07 GMT


I have uploaded PCC2 2.0.13.

This time it's mainly small improvements. The major ones include:

Taxation can now show not only absolute population growth, but also relative (percentage) growth. This way you can see whether there's any chance for colonist population to "catch up" with native taxation. Also, taxation can now predict effects if you have hissers and terraformers at a planet, this didn't previously work by accident.

When drawing circles into the starchart, you can now get a warp-X or gravitonic-warp-X circle by typing X w or X g (e.g. "9 g" for a 162 ly circle).

Finally, this release fixes two crashes, in particular, this one.

As usual, get it from

Have fun, Stefan