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[Posting] PCC 1.1.21, FLAK
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Posted Tue, 2021-06-01 15:37 GMT

Hello world,

I have released PCC 1.1.21 (the DOS version).

The Imperial Statistics now show some more information (Colony page, climate statistics) learned from PCC2. When invoking mine sweep information (indirectly) from a ship, it will compare the beems needed to sweep to the ones you have. The battle simulator got the Randomize FCode on every fight option.

As usual, the script interpreter got a few updates to match PCC2 where possible, and history/prediction got a little smarter.

I also updated the standalone battle simulator to 1.1.21, upgrading its foundations to the new version. In addition, support for the FLAK combat system is now built in by default, and is no longer a separate version.

Get it from

Speaking of FLAK: Fleet Action Kombat is a multi-ship combat system designed a too long time ago by PHost, Planetsserver, Blutmagie and Vagabond people. I finally revived it, brushed up the software a bit - as you see above - and added it to PlanetsCentral.

I have opened a new game for adventurous players: FLAK 1. For discussion of the system, head over to its forum.

Have fun!