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[Posting] PCC 2.0.10
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Posted Tue, 2020-12-01 16:53 GMT

I have released PCC2 2.0.10. This version adds two new features:

  • Ship abilities are now shown as icons. If a ship has many ship abilities (i.e. PList 3.2), icons use less space on screen than textual descriptions. Availability of the abilities is color-coded (grayed out: you don't have it). For now, this is an experimental feature and can be turned off in Options > Preferences > User Interface. I am eager for your opinions on that feature and my awesome Inkscape skills.
  • PCC2 can receive file transfers from host, e.g. the pconfig.src sent by PHost's "send config" command, or the xtrfcode.txt file. Previously, only the race name file was supported this way.

In addition, there's a number of smaller improvements and fixes. The most notable one probably is that we now predict mine laying correctly for PHost when there's multiple fields to enlarge.

As usual, get it from here:

Have fun,