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[Posting] End of Game
Thread opener, Player 4 (The Fascists)
Posted Tue, 2020-09-15 09:30 GMT

So it's over now.

Thank you everybody for playing.

This is a goodbye for me. At least for now I'll move on and do something else with my free time.

Thx for all the games. Thx to my allies and friends who helped me to stay on the good side of the score in nearly every single game (the only exceptions the games without diplomacy). And thx to my enemies and a very special thx to a mortal enemy who refused to make peace even a single time.
Rly darkclow, I don't think there is anyone else who taught me more about early game economics and about tactics and strategies for an aggressive game style plus there was never a chance for a game to get boring if you were present. That's why I appreciate your attitude very much. Thx again.

Everybody, I wish you all the fun you can get here and may peace shine on your reallifes. Peace and the ability to talk to people you don't understand.

Maybe we will see us again.

[Posting] Re: End of Game
Player 11 (The Colonies)
Posted Fri, 2020-09-18 09:40 GMT

Not a bad party. Murderous initial positions against overkill alliance of half of the universe (considering dead races, and 2/3 of alive ones).

However, we survived, controlled significant territory, and performed audacious actions. And finished with the worthy result. Thanks to CCC, it was the second game in which we faced the situation when all other races were either (close to) dead or allied all-in-one. This party wasn't so fantastic as Phoenix-6, but after all, 2 vs 3 is not the same as 2 vs 4.

And also special thanks to the privateer who sets a goal to supply us with gravitonics and succeeded. These donated vessels gave us the necessary mobility and (I'm sure) caused a lot of surprises to our opponents.