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[Posting] New game: Foundation 7
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Posted Thu, 2020-08-27 19:24 GMT

For those who want to try something new, here's a new game:

Foundation 7 with Starbase Reloaded and ExploreMap.

I have been asked a few times for Starbase Plus. Unfortunately, there was no version of that add-on available that I could use, so I used a few spare rainy days to make one: Starbase Reloaded. I used ideas from PlanetsServer's pstarbase as well as the original D&D version. Player documentation is here, source code is right next to it. Starbase Reloaded provides friendly codes...

  • ...for wire transfer of money between starbases
  • let starbases lay, sweep and scoop minefields
  • let freighters transport starship parts (engines, beams, torpedo launchers) between bases

It should come close to the original D&D version, with the main difference being that in Starbase Reloaded, like in pstarbase, all freighters can carry starship parts, because "only Medium freighters" makes no sense when there's more than just one shiplist.

So, this game is for you adventurers who want to try something new. I did test it thoroughly, so I'm quite certain that it does what I think it should do. However, it hasn't been playtested yet, so I'm open to your feedback. Is there any rule or config setting that needs tweaking? (The same thing applies to ExploreMap which has only been sparingly used here.)

The name, Foundation 7, continues a series from PlanetsServer.

Have fun,