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[Posting] PCC2 2.0.9, PCC 1.1.20
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Posted Sun, 2020-04-19 10:11 GMT


today I got two software updates to announce.

PCC2 2.0.9 adds one awesome new feature: the Build Queue Manager lets you see all your ship build orders and re-order them using "PBx" friendly codes. The Planet Scan (F5) was improved to show some more information and should now tell you everything PCC1's version did. The Navigation Chart (A) can now set up allied chunnels. Ineffective PE is now highlighted, plus a bunch of other improvements.

PCC 1.1.20 includes all of the above changes, a number of bugfixes that accumulated during the last years, and several changes to make it behave closer to PCC2 (especially in the script interpreter).


The PCC1 update took quite some while due to technical difficulties. Those have been solved; I can now produce PCC1 versions with the same ease as PCC2, so if you have anything you'd like to see in it, go ahead.

Have fun,