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[Posting] Spring 2019 update: SSL
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Posted Mon, 2019-03-25 18:08 GMT

Hi everyone,

I can finally announce that PlanetsCentral now supports SSL: Use this URL

to have your communication encrypted. The server does NOT yet redirect you to SSL automatically, I'll add that in a few weeks when I am a little more confident that it works in call cases. In addition, I am also improving on security on other places. If you find any problems, feel free to report!

The login cookies and API tokens you receive are now more secure than before. PCC2 Web no longer uses cookies, so you can have two PCC2 Web sessions open in two windows. In case you're asking why one would have two windows open because it sucks so much that you don't want even one, that'll be the problem I'll tackle next :smile:

Last year brought us GDPR/DSGVO. I had considered updating the terms of use like all websites did last year, but didn't find anything to add. I'm still not selling your data, and lack of SSL was probably the only sin. That aside, if you still cannot get enough, you can sing G-D-P-R to this song (Germans sing D-S-G-V-O to this one).