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[Posting] Another scorer for North Star games
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Posted Wed, 2018-09-19 19:43 GMT

I propose to think about a new scorer for NS games. The existing skorer is very boring and does not encourage an active game. Due to the lack of alliances, most players choose a defense development strategy, since any of the neighbors can launch an attack at any given time.
Winning the victory for the biggest number of planets is a good idea. But due to the fact that very often in these games some players stop playing almost at the very beginning of the game, this leads to artificial strengthening of their neighbors, which disrupts the balance of the whole game.

I ask to support the discussion.

[Posting] Re: Another scorer for North Star games
Posted Thu, 2018-09-20 17:18 GMT

I can see your point, but it's not easy to find a way out.
Actually PT-score is handling the problem of leaving players quite well. Though it prefers a defensive stance throughout the game.

What might solve your problem would be a score based on hullmass destroyed in battle. That seems, as far as I can tell, a good score for Northstar settings anyway.
However in that case it would still be important not to rush things because you can take on much bigger fleets later in the game.

Or maybe we set up a game with PBPs as victory condition. First player achieving a preset PBP value (like 10k) ends the game. The ranking would be according to the PBPs present. So the thing here is either use PBPs for building ships or for winning the game.
Since PBPs are invisible for foes this has the funny effect that game end might occour quite suddenly. :lol: