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[Posting] Plist 2.4 and ship capture
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Posted Sun, 2013-01-06 08:41 GMT

Is it no longer a viable action to capture certain ships in PList 2.4? And very easy to capture others?

I started off the game rather slowly because I build several vessels with impotron and katalyser to go and capture vessels. But to my surprise (because I did not sim, I confess), they were useless.

For instance, if I take my largest warship. (kill : damage)

A Godzilla with 10 Impotron Cannons (70:35) and 12 Katalysator Bomb (80:40) is not able to capture a Bridgekeeper. It get's destroyed before the crew runs out.

Now if I switch to initial bomb (60:20) or Disruptors (40:10), I can start to loose my ship, and if I win, the crew of the Bridgekeeper is still not dead.

If you take the old TList, I would have no trouble capturing a FireCloud by using a specialized T-rex.

I haven't really looked at many other ships, several privateer ships are very easy to capture now because they are less easy to blow up.

[Posting] Re: Plist 2.4 and ship capture
Posted Sun, 2013-01-06 12:35 GMT

I must say that I'm not a shiplist expert. However, I have found that Katalysator bombs are indeed crappy for fighting. Which is bad for me playing the Tholians, as I build them all the time for their good mine laying value...

On the other hand, I believe that the weapons have changed very little over PList versions.