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Date:Sat, 2014-01-25 04:45 GMT

First try to find a replacement, if that is not possible, I vote for colonising everything, I am against leaving ships under remote control for forever as that would effectively mean that one player would get the advantages of two races. (If one allies themselves to an unreliable partner - too bad...)


Hello, changes are in bold.

I will leave this game. The starting position of the Robot was really bad and so I was thinking about this step in the last days.

With not so much trouble in real life, I would see this as a challange. But there is some trouble in real life and so...

Now I want to give all of you a chance to vote for how to leave.

  • Do you know a replacement player? (Of cource all contracts should be hold!)
  • If there comes no replacement player, then I will remove all MF expect the MF from existing contract. May be I will even leave some ships in remote control.
  • Shall I colonise all ships so Orion and/or Crystal can not take over this ships?
  • Shall I leave Planets in secure settings for natives or shall I set them to self destruct?

Bye Alexander