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Date:Tue, 2013-09-24 10:45 GMT
Edited:Tue, 2013-09-24 11:21 GMT

PCC 1.99.21 is out now. It brings only few new features, but many small improvements and fixes bringing it closer to what PCC 1.x can do. (And it fixes the annoying "slow-to-crawl when umlauts are used in search" bug.).

Get it as usual from http://phost.de/~stefan/pcc2.html. And if you're from Germany, don't forget to vote for the Bundestag before downloading it :-)


Cool bananas! It almost build without errors on my little gentoo laptop.

(gentoo -> version junky -> gcc > 4.7) I had a little issue with game/tvcr.cc and client/lrupredef.cc (lines [420,463] and [118]) but nothing major. :D

If I would not be so lazy I would make a diff but I don't know what var names your prefer so I thought I just mention it... ;)

All the best!


p.s. +1 vote for a vpa skin!!!1! that would be the killa feature SCNR!