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Date:Thu, 2024-01-11 17:15 GMT

The schedule showed a schedule change at 16 GMT, followed by a host run at 16 GMT. One of the times was shown in local time to me.

Rule of thumb: specific points in time ("Jan 11, 16:00") are always shown in local time; daytimes are always shown in GMT.

But I also expected that this host run would be skipped and the next regular host would be on Thursday, as there has always been more than enough time after a schedule change.

I always set the schedule change for a pause to a host time to avoid ambiguities. What does it mean in a Thu/Sun schedule if the pause ends on a Wednesday?

You may remember the schedule change from 3x/week to 2x/week. In this case, the scheduler usually gives more time. If a 3x/week schedule ends on a Friday, next host will not run on Sunday, because a Thu/Sun schedule promises you to have a Thursday-to-Sunday interval for playing your turn, and Thursday is long over. So next host will be on Thursday, to give you the full Sunday-to-Thursday interval.

In this particular case, scheduler gave you Friday (from an all-turns-in host) to Thursday, which includes the entire Sunday-to-Thursday interval.

The schedule view shows it correctly: https://planetscentral.com/host/game.cgi/82-Titan-22/schedule It had problems long long ago, but so far I'm not aware of any case where it shows wrong data.

As a personal note, I don't understand people doing all of their turn on the last minute. Scheduling theory tells us that doing it as soon as possible (Earliest Deadline First scheduling) and doing it at the last possible instant (Least Slack Time scheduling) are equivalent in resource usage, but EDF is more robust against short overloads :smile: