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Date:Thu, 2013-05-02 20:10 GMT

To make a true "non-diplo game", we'd have to make it anonymous. Games of this type used to be popular on the Blutmagie host. I want to make this possible here, but currently the server is too chatty and tells everyone who plays.

I also have a couple of game types I want to try: for example, a small and dense universe for a fast game. Or games with all sorts of add-ons. But first we need a few players...

Well I think it is quite hard to forbid any communication - in game or outside game.

In my opinion disabling ffx/FFX-code can be enough - maybe even disable ingame communication.

Blutmagie had anonymous games: http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/~h3s/ (Alias, Incognito, Attax)

PHost allows disabling messages, alliances, and ship names; that last one was added to support anonymous games of this style. And to avoid out-of-game communication, that host kept players anonymous.

Sure, one can still circumvent that restriction, but that needs more criminal intent than just clicking a user name and sending him a PM "hey, let's attack the lizard homeworld at #345 next turn".