[Posting] PCC2 2.0.14
Thread:PCC2 2.0.14
Date:Sun, 2022-12-18 21:13 GMT

Hi there,

I have uploaded PCC2 2.0.14.

It adds two minor starchart features missing from PCC1: it can display minefields after decay (Alt-Y), and you can switch between a ship's position and waypoint (x).

The version improves small details. One noteworthy change is that Ship Task prediction now honors towing (i.e. when you plan a multi-stop waypoint, fuel predictions will be more realistic). Another is that it now considers time taken when optimizing waypoints; sometimes setting a farther waypoint gets you to the planet faster.

Previous versions did not allow you to define a wrapped map with gap between the map images (which is common for THost games). This bug has been fixed.

Get it as usual from http://phost.de/~stefan/pcc2.html

On unrelated news, PlanetsCentral now offers a Tequila War game. If you'd like to testdrive a new game type, this one is for you.

Have fun and enjoy the Real-Live festivities,