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Date:Mon, 2022-07-11 11:20 GMT

Maybe it felt that way, but it wasnt. Started with me trying to contact you very early in the game, you were already close to my HW and while I waited for you to answer to my messages, I dropped one planet which was too close. The hostilities started through that. Afterwards, I had trouble keeping you in bay, while the Colonial pressured me from the side. I managed to keep him from my main territory. Due to lack of ressources I was having my hands full with the two of you, so when the Robot and Klingon were closing in from the north, I had to negotiate. There were some squabbles about planets and some drops, but in the end we managed to come up with a border. Over the whole game, there was no cooperation between the Borg-Fed alliance and the Robot-Klingon-Bird alliance. Only one time, when I hunted an Atlantia which escaped to Robot territory, I asked the Robot if I should continue the hunt, but he took over and I turned back. The Colonial was an enemy to both alliances. Only towards the end of the game I managed to strengthen my forces to finally turn the tables in my favor and launched a full attack on your territory. Until then, it was uncertain. I mainly fought you, the Fed mainly fought the Colonial. And there was no mega-alliance, not even close.

Not quite sure what you mean. It was a game of 3 vs 3 vs 2 vs 1. Not any mega alliance in my mind.

Yes, considering the first 3 of your example was on the same side with 2.

Yo do sure what I mean.