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Date:Tue, 2022-04-05 18:43 GMT

I have noticed that I don't receive allied VCRs with my flak10.dat.

This should work: if your ally offers you vision, combat, and ship (+v +c +s) level alliance, you see their combat.

As far as I can tell, this is the same rule as in PHost.

I have now tested this, and it works.

One pitfall I stumbled across when setting up the test case: both allies need to accept the alliance ("allies add") for the alliance levels to have any effect. Them just offering +v +c +s to you does nothing until you offer an alliance (no matter what levels). OK, in a regular game this probably is less relevant than when setting up a minimal test case.

Also there seem to be no distress calls from other players' battles.

This ("distress call and explosion detected...") does indeed not yet exist.

The version I just uploaded now sends "distress call and explosion detected" messages, as well as appropriate util.dat records, in the same way PHost does: if a ship explodes, everyone except for victor and victim gets a distress call, and everyone gets an explosion util.dat record.