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Thread:Site Update
Date:Tue, 2021-12-21 12:38 GMT

Hi everyone,

to finish this year, here's some updates.

Premium accounts... for everyone

Given that PlanetsCentral plays "classic" VGA Planets, one question I frequently received was: how to get a key for that? If you have that on a floppy disk, how to extract it? What if you cannot find your floppy or never had one? Even if you'd want to buy one, all sites seem to be down or disfunctional now (planets4.com, vgaplanets.com, bmtmicro.com, stc-play.de), and that's not even thinking about the philosophical question whether you should actually need one if you don't use Winplan.

All PlanetsCentral accounts therefore now have a key associated with them. To play with full tech, click "Options > Set up & Play", choose the directory name (on the server), and then select "Registered to PlanetsCentral, <hex-code>".

Documentation... for everyone

Not all add-ons available on PlanetsCentral have documentation that is easy to find. If you'd sign up for a game with ExploreMap, we'd have assumed that you know what it is and how it works.

I have therefore added the new Documentation Center. It currently contains documentation about PlanetsCentral, some of the host software, and documentation for PCC2. I expect to fill it with more documents over time. If you have a useful document to add to the collection, get in touch with me.

New front page... for everyone

Already a few weeks ago, I reworked the front page and parts of the Host area. The main aim was to make the site more mobile-friendly (i.e. responsive multi-column layout), and use a little more modern design language (i.e. activity bobbles for unread mails and unplayed turns).

Have fun, and have a happy new year,