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Date:Mon, 2021-11-15 10:26 GMT

It's not just addon, but scenario. Addon is kind of a thing that players like or don't like to use, but scenario is what they play for.

The best game config would be G-list + Multiscoring (SuperInvasion + Tequila + Mushroom) All of these scorers based on planets.

Superinvasion means scoring planets are preset by Host. Mushroom - scoring planets appears/disapperars aitomatically Tequila - scoring planets are set by player manually.

They are on the link


I got most of those already, from a server "vvh.kiev.ua" which now seems to be dead.

The next add-on on this server will be Tequila Wars, promised.

The story is fun, and the actual scoring is pretty simple (essentially, planet counts with a twist), so I think I'll just redo it, with PlanetsCentral integration (so the voting feature can actually end the game), over the winter break. I hope you don't insist that the command to plant a cactus is called "defhw" :smile: