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Thread:May as well rename "Privateers" to "at0mix"
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Date:Thu, 2021-11-04 17:04 GMT

I think this is the only real viable solution to the discontent being discussed here -- random race assignments after the game has started (not during signup, so you can't quit and rejoin to get a different race).

That could be a good idea. I wouldn't do it for all games though. Everybody likes to play every now and then with this specific race or another. But having some games with a random assignment of races can be fun and would give us the chance to play with races that we wouldn't normally pick.

I didn't mean any disrespect towards Kobrov or at0mix, just to be clear. They're excellent players (nobody questions that) and they're entitled to pick any race they want and ally with whoever they want, as everybody else.

So, if there are other ways to let other people play some games with the Pirates without having to get up from bed and put on the slippers before at0mix does, lets find them. A good few ideas have been thrown in this thread and in others as well.