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Date:Thu, 2021-11-04 15:55 GMT
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1. our union is not so all-powerful - we are also being beaten. true, less often than we do - but the facts are lawyers

2. Yes, I like to play as a pirate - this is my first race in the game vga planets.

3. Yes, I CAN play as a pirate - unlike many other players. and according to statistics, the pirate almost never took 1st place ....

4. yes, it is more convenient for you to play with a weak pirate - or even better with a pirate who quit the game. because in order to successfully fight a pirate, you need to be able to play for him. for example, in Titan-16. and there are a lot of such games among the completed ones

5. about a well-coordinated game. we don't even need to stipulate every move - we've just been playing for so long that we understand what each of us has to do. this applies to games without RC. In RC games, we just play each for himself.

6. well, if one of you really wants to play pirate - tell me - there is always an option to negotiate.

First, thanks at0mix for joining this thread. Much appreciated as it shows your interest on this host!

What has been said in this thread has been said. Now it's time to start constructive discussions

Just looked into latest RST of Titan 17 and the message that was sent by Robots player last turn showed as well the frustration.

The alliance of at0mix and Kobrov is indeed impressively strong, almost unbeatable. The way at0mix plays Pirates is awesome. The minesweeping strategy just sucks (if you're the owner the minefield). Combined with SuperRefit minefields are meaningless for your alliance.

So, yes you do are very well job as Pirates! No it's time to show your skills with other races, or not?

Maybe we should ask Stefan to setup games with 2-ally-only enforcement.
That would at least prevent big alliances (but still allow cooperations).

Even better would be to have races distributed randomly.
Can't be more thrilling then that. Equal rights to everyone.