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Date:Thu, 2021-11-04 14:15 GMT

I didn't know you own the Pirate slot. It's a bit ridiculous that we have to negotiate with YOU in order to play with the Privateers, don't you think?

Let's don't stick to the basic meaning of what has been said. At0mix did post his point of view and that should be a basis for further discussions. It seems he does consider to make a deal which is a first step into the right direction.

3. Yes, I CAN play as a pirate - unlike many other players. and according to statistics, the pirate almost never took 1st place ....

4. yes, it is more convenient for you to play with a weak pirate - or even better with a pirate who quit the game. because in order to successfully fight a pirate, you need to be able to play for him. for example, in Titan-16. and there are a lot of such games among the completed ones

Nobody did question your playing skill as a pirate. On the other hand I'm pretty sure that some other players might do just as well. So the pirate is not weak just because you don't play it.

6. well, if one of you really wants to play pirate - tell me - there is always an option to negotiate.

I would suggest to resign from the pirate in the games that are still in joining status and give some other players a chance. Once let's say 6 slots are filled and the pirate is still unowned I guess nobody will blame you for still picking it.

One point which is somewhat still open: Will you consider to refrain from forming pre-arranged alliances? I understand that it's convenient to play with partners that know the automatisms, but it also makes games a little boring - probably for everybody. So I'd appreciate your comment on this as well.

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