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Date:Wed, 2021-11-03 23:24 GMT

A mean person would ask the question: Is it three individuals or a single person???

I can hardly tell from my experience in Titan 17 coz I had not any contact with the Russian alliance.

However I agree with James based on my personal experience from Pleiades 16 as well. By comparing the playing style of both Kobrov and at0mix I am pretty sure they are two individual players.
emperor_1999 I am not quite sure about, he seems to me like a rookie who is being mentored by at0mix and/or Kobrov. Usually he does not act individually, at least I have never noticed any campaign led by him.

Or maybe you want to extend your homepage with a little host? Stefan for sure will help you to set it up :wink:

I don't think that creating another host site will really solve the problem. Nothing will prevent (a) player(s) behaving there the same way. Moreover a competing second website would split all active players' attention which might result in games not filling any more.

I'd prefer to settle the issue by either appealing to these player's honor to refrain from forming their usual initial cooperation in the future or - if this should be of no avail - by asking Stefan to try and implement a way to prevent it by force (random race assignment, temporarily locked race slots for cherry pickers, etc.)
Actually we, the players who seek balanced games, also have an instrument to stop their pre-made alliance: Forming one massive counter-alliance in every game they play together and spoil their party (unfortunately my appeal in Titan 17 remained unheard :wink:) It might take a little while to make them learn but to me it seems to be the most "natural" solution.