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Date:Wed, 2021-11-03 19:34 GMT

A mean person would ask the question: Is it three individuals or a single person???

Based on my interactions with them, they are 3 real separate people, it's not one person with three accounts. However, they do play an extremely-integrated game when given the chance -- in PHost games they take full advantage of Remote Control, for example. It is an alliance of 3 that plays as one. I have seen this from the inside in Pleiades 16, where I started surrounded by those 3 and given the choice of being quickly crushed, or provide minelaying abilities to them by remote-controlled ships in exchange for being left alone.

Well then, i trust YOU! :smile:
But one only knows for sure when you see them all together in real life - LOL
Acting like three individuals in a chat forum is easy to do.

Nevermind, RemoteControl i personally don't like as it really gives the possibility to concentrate different race advantages to a single player.

But....how to go on now? There is no other host on planet Earth (ID#1) that still hosts planets (at least i'm not aware of one).
All my other hosts died and only Stefan keeps up celebrating the best game ever!!! Thanks a lot streu !!!! We all depend on you.

Or maybe you want to extend your homepage with a little host? Stefan for sure will help you to set it up :wink: