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Thread:Missing players at the beginning of games.
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Date:Tue, 2021-01-12 07:23 GMT

I now kick players from the game if they miss their first turn.

Since there's often a huge delay between signing up for a game and the game actually starting, many games have new players sign up and then months later when the game starts they never actually play. So the game starts with abandoned races, which is unfair (positive or negative) on everyone. For example, Phoenix 9 is about to start with 3 players likely to never play (Fed, Empire, Colonies).

My suggestion would be that when host is set to run for turn 1 (which has a 7-day grace period to return your turn) and a turn is missing, host should not run but the game should revert "active" to "joining" status, kick out any player who didn't submit their first turn, and let someone else start the game from the beginning.

Stefan: how easy would this be to implement? I think it should be relatively straightforward?

Thoughts from everyone else?

This is a very good idea. After all it is a game and when it becomes spoiled due to players not playing, it isn't fun anymore.