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Date:Mon, 2019-09-30 17:52 GMT

STEFAN, please tell me, are you planning to make changes to the interface in future versions of PCC2? I'm interested in the possibility of expanding the amount of information that is displayed in the shiplock/planetlock/baselock window at the starchart mode.

I always planned this, but it's hard to find a good way to implement it. It would be easy to let you swap tiles around, but that wouldn't be of much use. PCC2NG implements most tiles as scripts (which means you can theoretically mess with them) but I don't yet like the implementation. It takes a lot of optimisation to get right; the current implementation takes one frame to render a tile, meaning: 10 frames to render a screen with 10 tiles.

Also, is it possible to add middle mouse button processing in the client? And give permission to handle this event to users.

What would you want to do with it? Right now, middle mouse button places the starchart cursor in the starchart without locking to a planet or ship. Where would you intercept middle mouse button?