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Date:Sun, 2019-06-09 10:33 GMT

Could you to realize the possibility of using a fixed (typewriter) font in the list that is created using the Listbox function? I need this to create multi-column entries in the list.

How many columns do you need? :smile:

The listbox widget right now supports two columns, as can be seen for example on the weapon selector in the battle simulator. I will enable that feature for the Listbox command in the next release. You use it by embedding a Tab character (Chr(9)) in the string, i.e.

    % PCC 2.0.7 or later!
    With Listbox("hi there") Do
      AddItem 1, "one" & Chr(9) & "details...."
      % Let's also add \t as alternative for Chr(9):
      AddItem 2, "two\tmore details...."

Allowing more styling will need a little more thought if we don't want a solution that I have to revert a few days later.