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Date:Mon, 2018-12-17 13:41 GMT


Could you implement in PCC2 a support of video resolution of FullHD (1920x1080)?
Am I right understand the program now support only 4:3 aspect ratio?

You actually can already run PCC2 in FullHD resolution, just pass the command-line options "-fullscreen -size 1920x1080". But you probably don't want that. This does not enlarge fonts, and does not enlarge the starchart; a planet is still a single pixel.

What you actually want is upscaling. The graphics library used by PCC2 - SDL - does not support upscaling, because until a few years ago, graphics drivers would do that.

The SDL2 graphics library supports upscaling. PCC2 next generation can use SDL2. I am not yet sure where exactly the PCC2 and PCC2ng lines will meet, but that will be the way to go. Right now, PCC2ng is experimental code, not usable for playing. But it can support proper upscaled fullscreen play on current hardware (Disclaimer: the PCC2ng Windows binaries currently are built against SDL, not SDL2.).