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Date:Wed, 2017-10-18 20:50 GMT

Some games take ages filling because nobody wants to play {Rebel,Empire,Bird}. Maybe somebody convinces a friend to join and let the game start... and the friend drops out and we have 10 players playing.

BTW, I like Pleiades or North Star (I haven't played NS actually) as they are, but maybe from time to time we could have a game like the ones I have suggested. If that attracts more players or helps player reliability and decreases drop rate.


I've read the thread and all of it is interesting.

I just thought I could drop a couple of ideas here to make the game more balanced (I mentioned them here some time ago).


- Let all players play the same race. Let's say 11 Colonials, or whichever race all of the players decide. All of them have the same abilities, all of them have the same ships. It's a good way of showing who is the best player, who handles best their economy, who is the best strategist, who takes the most risk.

- Or... let all players choose the race they want. Let's say 4 players choose to play Lizard, 3 Crystals, 2 Privateers, 1 Fed and 1 Borg. You choose and race and stick to it. Be happy with your decision. If you want to join a game but the race you want to play has already been taken, maybe you will wait until another game appears and you are lucky to pick that slot. This way you don't have to wait. You choose your race. Choose wisely because you can end up playing Privateer in a game with 10 Klingons. Or you can be Empire in a game with 6 Privateers and 4 Feds. I have played a game like this once, hosted privately by friends, and I was the only Bird in a game with 2 Lizards and 2 Privateers, and I had a blast playing it.

Just a couple of ideas worth considering...

If there aren't many players nowadays, why shouldn't we make it easy for people to test their skills in a true balanced game or in a game where they can choose to play what they want?


I want to express my opinion.

MaxShipsHissing = 3 is a parameter that restricts only Lizard. I would like a more universal solution, so I propose to set MaxPlanetarincome = 3000 ... 4000

In addition, playing for a robot, I was convinced of the low effectiveness of minefields. This is due to the fact that most of the ships in Plist 3, much heavier than their counterparts in the standard shiplist.Therefore, I propose to strengthen such an element of the game as minefields by setting the parameter

About the cloak scouts. Their presence does not affect the combat capabilities of the races, but will increase the dynamics of the game, make it more aggressive, allow players to better plan their combat operations. As a compromise, we can give the property of cloak to the scout not from the level L0, but from the level L1 or L2.

And the last. I propose to somehow strengthen Robot, as this is the weakest race in the game. Even the developers of Plist admit this.