[Posting] News from the Machine Room
Thread:News from the Machine Room
Date:Sun, 2017-02-12 17:58 GMT

Hi everyone,

as I already announced in The previous year(s) in review, I am working on a remodeling of the server. The first gentle step is now available on the testing area of this server: a new version of the forum microservice.

It looks the same. It does the same. Really, don't try to find the differences.

The differences are under the hood. Mainly, it improves on quality. Making it uncovered a handful of bugs in the old software. It currently has >50% test coverage (the old one has close to 0%). Finally, the thing that surprised me most, is speed: most operations are 30% faster than before, but I even measured a 2000x improvement on some. In total this means the server can deliver you web pages related to forum/PMs much faster now.

This was a test balloon to test how remodeling PlanetsCentral microservices to new infrastructure works. Unless you manage to break it in the next few days, I'll declare this experiment a success :smile: