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Date:Tue, 2015-03-03 17:22 GMT

I'ld need something like the F5-log from PCC or maybe even the build mines screen there the planned output is displayed on the spot.

I know; this is still missing.

As it is now, PCC2 Web is not usable for serious play, but it is usable for a quick emergency turn from a hotel room with crappy wifi. BTDT.

Last but not least I can only play my turn at home from the scratches, upload it and then do some final adjustments on planetscentral. But what I cannot do is this: play on planetscentral, save the turnfile and later on download this very turnfile to complete my turn at home.

I'm quite certain that works.

When you have set up a game directory, you have created a folder in your account (usually, "games/123-game-name"). You can download the turn file from there.

If you are interested for players to actually use planetscentral to make their turns, I'ld suggest to provide these two things first, starting with the latter.

When I'm developing for PlanetsCentral, I'm most often working on a client that does not suck. You can take a peep at it by editing the URL into http://planetscentral.com/test/play/c2web.html after starting the existing PCC2 Web. (And when I'm not working on PlanetsCentral, I'm trying to make PCC2 connect to PlanetsCentral and up/download your turn files directly.)