Game Information

A classic game: standard ship list, standard Echo Cluster, standard score, standard rules.
Hosted with:PHost 4, always current version
Ship list:Standard Ship List
Game end:approximately turn 80
Schedule:Sun, Thu at 4:00 GMT
Details (calendar)
Add-Ons:Standard anti-cloak, Map: Echo Cluster, No extended missions
Talk:Forum(talk) , Mail all players(mail)


Race Player Score Turn
The Solar Federation - 1
The Lizard Alliance mondoshiva 28222    
The Empire of the Birds - 623
The Fascist Empire - 0
The Privateer Bands Basil the Rat 0    
The Cyborg Butch Cassidy 2971    
The Crystal Confederation darkclow 15119    
The Evil Empire Sorigal 0    
The Robotic Imperium tpftux 162    
The Rebel Confederation Tulgas 9280    
The Missing Colonies of Man James T. Plagerism 1811