Game Information

Advanced PList game: PHost 4, PList 3.2, and all features enabled. Fun for experienced players.
Hosted with:PHost 4, always current version
Ship list:PList 3.2
Game end:approximately turn 80
Schedule:Sun, Thu at 0:00 GMT
Details (calendar)
Add-Ons:Four Experience Levels (PHost), Wrapped Map (PHost), Remote control, PTScore, 5 Wormholes, No ion storms
Talk:Forum(talk) , Mail all players(mail)


Race Player Score Turn
The Solar Federation Kobrov 961113    
The Lizard Alliance Sherkhan 352129    
The Empire of the Birds wasp 454732    
The Fascist Empire solis      
The Privateer Bands AllanOfDale 1285795    
The Cyborg darkclow 2453687    
The Crystal Confederation -  
The Evil Empire Halvar 319724    
The Peronist Empire Peron 287967    
The Rebel Confederation april76      
The Missing Colonies of Man -