PCC2 Web is a program you can use to play your turns.

It consists of PCC2 running as an application server, and a browser application talking to it. Since 2021, both the back-end server as well as the browser front-end are based on the PCC2 Next Generation variant.

It works on original VGA Planets file formats, and can therefore be used interchangeably with a "classic" client. All game rules continue to apply, all add-ons can continue to be used. The game can be hosted on any host — even on your local computer —, it needn't be hosted on PlanetsCentral. Likewise, a game hosted on PlanetsCentral needn't be played with PCC2 Web.

You can create an a account, log in, upload your own files, and play. You can also play a demo session using a pre-configured game turn on the server.

The web application currently has fewer features than the desktop version of PCC2, but otherwise aims for the same level of convenience:

  • supports PHost and HOST;
  • multi-ship battle simulator with FLAK support;
  • easy ship building (no need to build individual parts);
  • extended missions and friendly code selection lists.

For more information, see PCC2 Web Help.