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Date:Sun, 2018-09-02 16:08 GMT
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No, I tell you that leaving a merlin with no fuel is most likely not intentional. This is the excuse why fuel is not honored here. But it's indeed not a very strong one.

Towing-a-merlin-with-no fuel sounds not so mistakey.


Sorry but this argument is still defeating the whole purpose.

If you think that towing a Merlin without fuel might be intentional than PCC MUST MUST MUST calculate the fuel consumption with taking into account that there won't be any fuel loaded onto the merlin.

But generally the whole argument is silly. If the Merlin has fuel than the fuel calculation has to take that into account if it has not, than it has to take the fact into account that it doesn't. You can't make calculations on a basis that's not actually true. It's a bug and nothing else.

btw planet experience calculation :cool: