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Date:Tue, 2018-08-28 11:15 GMT
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PCC always does that. It wants to prevent you from accidentally burning too much fuel. Again, it's hard to decide what is accidental and what is intentional.

Well yes and no. I was able to reproduce this with interuniversals (tech lvl 8 but engine lvl 7!) and warp9 which PCC didn't set. It stuck to w8.
Still it's unintuive in my oppinion. Though there is more. I agree that it is hard to decide wether some effect is accidental or intended. So simply don't do so. There is no need.

For warp speeds, the rule is simple: PCC2 considers all warp factors with 120% fuel consumption or less efficient.

This is especially useful for PList. If you use your Improbability drives to go 30 ly, you can still save fuel by going only warp 6 (78%). If next turn you're going 81 ly, you want warp 9 (100%) again. Thus, PCC2 changes the speed.

You can change what speed PCC2 considers efficient by changing the Speed$ property of the engine. For example, place this command in your game's autoexec.q file:

   On Load Do ForEach Engine Do Speed$ := 9

This means: if you set a 80 ly waypoint, not matter what the engine is, warp will be set to warp 9.

PCC 1.x had an option to enable/disable this behaviour. This is missing in PCC2, and by the maxim that a feature that cannot be turned off is a bug I will probably add that option back.

'NAL' is clear, leaving the ship fuel-less sounds like a mistake you'll fix up.

You tell me filling a merlin with supplies but no fuel and in succession failing to tow it to the intended waypoint (because PCC calculated too few fuel to be used) is intentional?

No, I tell you that leaving a merlin with no fuel is most likely not intentional. This is the excuse why fuel is not honored here. But it's indeed not a very strong one.

Towing-a-merlin-with-no fuel sounds not so mistakey.