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North Star 2 started. Details...

North Star 3 now taking players. Details...


The previous year(s) in review: PlanetsCentral started operating in 2011, that is, five years ago. Hosting operation on PlanetsCentral started a year later. Time for a look back. Some numbers Read more...


Pleiades 8 finished. Yggdrasill has won. Details...


North Star 1 started. Details...

North Star 2 now taking players. Details...


North Star 1 now taking players. Details...


Pleiades 7 finished. kaecki has won. Details...


Pleiades 11 started. Details...

Pleiades 12 now taking players. Details...


Welcome to PlanetsCentral, a web site for playing VGA Planets 3.x, a classic turn-based space exploration strategy game. This site is home of the PlanetsCentral Automated Host, a fully-automated, reliable game hosting service, and PCC2 Web, a browser-based game client. Read more...

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Here are some games that are currently waiting for players:

Phoenix 6
The standard game for everyone: PHost 4, PList 2.4.
PList 2.4, PHost 4, always current version
Pleiades 12
Advanced PList game: PHost 4, PList 3.2, and all features enabled. Fun for experienced players.
PList 3.2, PHost 4, always current version
North Star 3
No-alliances/no-cooperation game. Everyone plays for themselves. Otherwise, similar to the Pleiades series.
PList 3.2, PHost 4, always current version

All offerings are on the Join Games page. The Active Games page occasionally has open replacement positions.

Latest forum activity:

I'm sorry to heard that. I hope April76 regain his health as soon as possible.
Hi there I got an email from Fed player that he can't play this game any longer due to health problems. Under such circumstances there is not a single reason for me to keep going. We are four people ...
i manage to make the trn im still on the game
I miss the first trn and i think the host killrace me. good luck
I agree with this definition of AllanofDale. In this game, I am not going to sign NAP with any of the players.
I just thought about it, implicit "pacts" (and their risks). Impossible not to happen. However I understand the spirit of the configuration of the game, and I agree with the variables it introduces. ...

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