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Pleiades 11 finished. Kobrov has won. Details...


Phoenix 5 finished. Siba has won. Details...

Titan 5 finished. darkclow has won. Details...


Titan 6 started. Details...

Titan 7 now taking players. Details...


Phoenix 4 finished. Kobrov has won. Details...


Pleiades 10 finished. darkclow has won. Details...


Pleiades 9 finished. Kobrov has won. Details...


PCC 2.0.2: A few days ago, I uploaded PCC2 version 2.0.2. This is again mostly a bugfix release, but also adds some minor improvements (such as showing that your ship has Hardened engines, or showing Hisss ... Read more...


North Star 2 started. Details...


Welcome to PlanetsCentral, a web site for playing VGA Planets 3.x, a classic turn-based space exploration strategy game. This site is home of the PlanetsCentral Automated Host, a fully-automated, reliable game hosting service, and PCC2 Web, a browser-based game client. Read more...

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Here are some games that are currently waiting for players:

North Star 3
No-alliances/no-cooperation game. Everyone plays for themselves. Otherwise, similar to the Pleiades series.
PList 3.2, PHost 4, always current version
Pleiades 12
Advanced PList game: PHost 4, PList 3.2, and all features enabled. Fun for experienced players.
PList 3.2, PHost 4, always current version
Phoenix 6
The standard game for everyone: PHost 4, PList 2.4.
PList 2.4, PHost 4, always current version

All offerings are on the Join Games page. The Active Games page occasionally has open replacement positions.

Latest forum activity:

I skipped the Sunday host. Again, if you all do your turns (almost) timely, you won't miss any turn. --Stefan
Hi there I would like to ask to delay the host on Sunday by 24h. I won't be able to make it on time. Thx.
Very well. Thanks for answering this, Stefan. Though I am not surprised that this is the case, given that ion storms do their dragging and damage after their power changes and movement occurs.
Greetings untaught planets player, as far as I can tell, all ship effects (including energy vortexes) happen after all ion storm movement and growth. This analysis was done with Host 3.22.
Greetings legacy planets players. I have a question I would like to ask with respect to the energy vortexes. Seeing as energy vortexes are extremely rare, I would like to know if anybody here knows ...

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