Version 20160126

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Pleiades 11 started. Details...

Pleiades 12 now taking players. Details...


Titan 5 started. Details...

Titan 6 now taking players. Details...


Phoenix 5 started. Details...

Phoenix 6 now taking players. Details...


Pleiades 10 started. Details...

Pleiades 11 now taking players. Details...


Phoenix 4 started. Details...

Phoenix 5 now taking players. Details...


Welcome to PlanetsCentral, a web site for playing VGA Planets 3.x, a classic turn-based space exploration strategy game. This site is home of the PlanetsCentral Automated Host, a fully-automated, reliable game hosting service, and PCC2 Web, a browser-based game client. Read more...

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Here are some games that are currently waiting for players:

Phoenix 6
The standard game for everyone: PHost 4, PList 2.4.
PList 2.4, PHost 4, always current version
Titan 6
A classic game: standard ship list, standard Echo Cluster, standard score, standard rules.
Standard Ship List, PHost 4, always current version
Pleiades 12
Advanced PList game: PHost 4, PList 3.2, and all features enabled. Fun for experienced players.
PList 3.2, PHost 4, always current version

All offerings are on the Join Games page. The Active Games page occasionally has open replacement positions.

Latest forum activity:

I have removed the three no-shows. Anyone who wants to jump in, do so. --Stefan
Last time you didn't stop the game, and continued hostrun with lack of players. So i left.
Perfect! thanks! Sorry for my google-translate english!
The answer to that question is in the Phoenix 5 forum. I'm afraid that we'll end up with the same problem (no-show players) in Titan 5 as well; you could use the time to make up your mind how to ...
I think he meant to ask the question for Pheonix 5. It looks to have been stopped. Cutter
Titan 5 is not stopped. Turn 2 always gives you a week, to set up the game. Turn 3 and after will run 3 times a week. --Stefan

You can also play an anonymous demo turn using PCC2 Web or read most of the forum without creating an account.