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Date:Fri, 2018-08-03 19:50 GMT

It's now turn 4. Any ideas how to end this? :smile:

Here is a funny one:
We add up a "rankscore" from all the stats besides total ships, which will be simply the sum of all ranks. Which means a number which may vary from 6 (ranked first everywhere) to 66 (ranked 11th everywhere).

End condition will be to keep a rankscore of 8 or less for 10 turns.
The first turn there as the conditions shall be reached is turn 50. (so the game will end at turn 50 if somebody ends up as the privs did in NorthStar 4, but the game will carry on as long as there is no clear first position)

The players shall than be ranked according to this rankscore (lower is better obviously) using any one of them to decide ranks in case of a tie. (pt-score would be best because that one is always unique for every player)

for my understanding is the the win-condition when nothing is declared - last man standing.