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Posted Fri, 2018-06-29 19:43 GMT

The bug has been found and hopefully eliminated and hosting will resume.

What was the bug about? PlanetsCentral internally works with a number of permission checks. These ensure, for example, that only you can download your result file. The problem caused a permission check to get stuck and be applied to the wrong place, so the filer denied the host access to the host files, thinking that was a mere mortal user asking.

How did it affect users? Logfiles show that a few turn files were refused during last week. However, logfiles also show that the affected users seem to have found a way to get their turn in anyway, so I hope the damage to be neglectable.

What now? There is the slim possibility that someone was denied a rightful turn without an obvious trace in the logs. I have configured all games to resume hosting at the next scheduled time (Sunday/Monday). If you were denied a turn upload, you can re-upload your turn now.

If you get into timing problems by this change, please say so!

Sorry for the inconvenience, and happy gaming,