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Date:Sat, 2018-09-22 16:04 GMT

my version is 1.2.24 Beta - where did you get 25 from? Circus Maximus is dead too, there's nothing to gain. Though i dont know if the ftp server still provides something, since i dont know the password... ftp://ftp.circus-maximus.com/pub/VGAPlanets/Player.Utilities/ev1224bv32.zip

couldnt find anything else so far on the web

I have a file ev1225bv32.zip in my archive that contains just an echoview.exe, nothing more, and is two weeks younger than ev1224bv32.zip. So I don't even know how they differ.

However, knowing the file names turns out a download location: Donovan's has a copy of the old EchoView page: http://echoview.donovansvgap.com/ It has version .24.