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Date:Sat, 2018-09-22 05:35 GMT

Hi all, when I get a turnfile with a combat, my Echoview crashes and i can not load it for that turn... any ideas? the problem is, without Echoview i am blind and deaf! In the first turns it is no problem - i know all ships/planets, but the later the game it is ridicolous to play without.

What EchoView version do you use?

EchoView was always in the loop when we built the advanced features, so the most recent version (1.2.25) should not have problems with it.

If you cannot get it to work, your only choice is probably to hide the VCRs from EchoView: delete/rename your vcrX.dat file, or replace it with an empty file (12 bytes) from an earlier turn. This ancient MS-DOS utility will delete the VCR from your result even before unpacking if you want to go as far.

Speaking of EchoView, I noticed that its website is gone. Does anyone know of a mirror? But otherwise this is probably an indication you should make friends with PCC2 or VPA :-(


hihi, my version is 1.2.21 beta :wink: but thanks, the workaround with deleting the vcr-file works !