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Date:Sun, 2018-08-26 14:55 GMT
  1. If towing a Merlin fuel estimation now takes alchemy into account accordingly. Very nice. Using FC NAL also works well, but if the Merlin does not have any fuel the estimation will fail (it will still assume that the supplies are converted).

In general, PCC2 assumes everything you do succeeds. It is hard to decide when you are trying to do something and fail, or not trying at all. 'NAL' is clear, leaving the ship fuel-less sounds like a mistake you'll fix up.

I mean, if PCC2 tells you that you need 0 kt to fail your 81 ly movement that'd be (a) correct and (b) useless.

(However, for a ship being towed, we can probably do a little better.)

  • When I sent a ship with impuls engines somewhere (in my case about 16ly away) PCC did automatically set warp to 1. Why? I was really really reeeeeaaaaaaally lucky to to see that before the host run... :tongue:

PCC always does that. It wants to prevent you from accidentally burning too much fuel. Again, it's hard to decide what is accidental and what is intentional.

To avoid that, my final step each turn is using the search function, "Ships: Multi-turn movement" to find such ships. Because PCC2 has auto-tasks, I've almost never needed to do actual multi-turn movement. Just click a path of multiple one-turn movements.