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Date:Mon, 2018-01-01 12:51 GMT

I think i'm going to cut the losses and will play on this new directory.

When the new turn arrives will try the older one.

Nope. it works on a clean directory. sorry about that

It gives the same error, but you know what? i've tried it in a pen that i sometimes use when playing in another computer and it works fine...

Sorry to tell you but it didn't work :smile:. still gives the error but on a different position 0006:ED9D

A happy new year aswell, wow - that is strange. I have double checked it with different games - even old THost games. Have you tried to start VPA with /M option? Maybe you have corrupted minefields in your DB, so this wir re-read all messages and utilx.dat. Please report - because i can start without problems.