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Date:Tue, 2016-08-02 18:49 GMT

so, what about Akhenaton now? He's got a very bad quota too and didnt send in a turn yet. Maybe we should reconsider replacing him as well? It seems we should at least try.

I am also voting for full games. Its way more fun. And I got an idea about the (really) long waiting time: Would it be possible to arrange something like a "refresh" system where maybe people who register for a game have too reply (with an empty mail) to an email sent to them automaticly every 14 days to stay inside the game? Maybe giving them 3 days to reply. It should be easy enough for everyone, and players who forget about the game drop out before the game starts.

Stefan, if you want your site to get more players, how about asking everyone (email all) to just ask around among friends etc? Maybe that will help and its not much work for you. I for example didnt know that you try to get more players to sign up here. Gonna keep my eyes open now and ask around. :smile: